how does the stress less program differ from bolt to success?

Both programs use the same energy psychology strategies, but are tailored to meet different needs. STRESS LESS  uses the strategies to help reduce teacher stress, increase performance and enhance their passion for teaching.

BOLT TO SUCCESS uses the strategies to help improve student performance by reducing academic anxiety, reframing self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, and creating meaningful goals

is the bolt to success program appropriate for all ages?

Yes! Strategies and techniques are easily adaptable to meet the level of the user.  Younger children will use simpler versions of the techniques and older children will use more advanced versions and explore the energy psychology concepts at a bit deeper level.

what is energy psychology exactly?

Energy psychology is a newer branch of science that considers neurobiological processes, innate electrophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), consciousness, and cognitive-behavioral-emotional patterns in relation to holistic health. For the purpose of the STRESS LESS and BOLT TO SUCCESS programs, energy psychology can be defined as:

A collection of tools that helps increase the mind-body-energy connection and communication resulting in reduced anxiety, stress and self-defeating behavior.

have these programs been tested for success?

The specific energy psychology techniques used in the STRESS LESS and BOLT TO SUCCESS programs have undergone independent studies which have been summarized in this downloadable document.

how long do the programs take to complete?

The STRESS LESS program for teachers takes approximately six (6) hours to complete and can be done in segments.

The BOLT TO SUCCESS program for students may also be completed in segments and the time may be adjusted to the needs of each class/group or teacher.

do i have to keep doing the exercises after the program is done?

Once you have completed the program and experience the difference in your thinking, feelings and see the tangible results, you will most likely not want to stop incorporating the techniques into your everyday life.


Teachers may select from various sections of the curriculum that focus on the most prominent needs of their students. The curriculum is also flexible in that it allows for teachers to present the material in a way best suited to the age of their students.

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